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CRisk combines best practices within Credit Risk Management in a simple, compact software solution, which any credit team can understand and use. By supporting Legal department with contract management, the Risk and Reporting teams with assessments, margining and credit risk reporting, and Front office with decision making, this system is an excellent platform to bring transparency to your business!

Credit Static Data Capture

The foundation of any good credit risk system is the ability to manage credit static data efficiently. Without country and industry information, you cannot report on exposure concentration, and without CSA thresholds, rounding method and counterparty contact information, you are not able to automate the daily margining.

CRisk efficiently captures all the credit static data you need for daily credit and margining processes, and supports 4-eyes principle on data updates where required. Thanks to a flexible configuration tool, practically any limit structure can be supported.

The Service Oriented Architecture even allows for integration with data managed outside CRisk, such as limits for example.

Counterparty Assessment

Without a scoring system, you tend to keep analysis- or scoring models in Excel sheets. For each counterparty you would have one sheet, and over time this becomes impossible to manage, as the model changes and the number of parties increases.

CRisk combines the power of Excel sheets with the strength of a relational database, as the system can import the model from Excel.

This comprehensive solution gives the flexiblity for the end users to define new or change their existing models in a familiar tool as Excel, and deploy it right away.

Any number of models can be set up, and a model can be updated over time to new versions.

Accounting data is rolled automatically when initiating an assessment for a new accounting period.

The workflow engine efficiently monitors expiring assessments, and the audit trail keeps track of historical assessments. Monitor your counterparty against the peer, using the key figures comparison tool.


A set of standard reports are provided with the core system. This will cover the needs of a typical energy company, but we realise no two clients are the same.

Therefore CRisk comes with a simple reporting framework, giving the advanced users possibility to define own reports and publish for use with a desired group of users.

Needless to say, any report can be exported to Excel and PDF, and the framework allows for parameterised reports.

Navigate from custom reports to other reports or standard forms in the system seamlessly. Drill from counterparty to agreement to deal level or use another desired drilldown.

The built-in Chinese Walls feature ensures that one report layout can be used by different business units, extracting their specific figures without exposing figures from other business units, if required.

Exposure Calculations

CRisk is a realtime system which calculates exposure on the fly as deals come in or as static data is updated by the user.

Exposure is distributed onto the guarantor to the extent it covers a counterparty.

The user can see both direct trading exposure with a counterparty and true credit exposure, adjusted for collateral.

It is possible to capture limits against current exposure or max PFE as well as contingent risk for parties issuing guarantees or letters of credit.

Calculations take into account country specific legislation for instance if a country does not allow for netting of physical commodities under an EFET agreement.

OTC Margining

With CRisk, margining suddenly becomes very simple. Every morning, the system will produce a list of calls to be processed.

The analyst will simply click on each call to verify the calculation, and a manager or colleague will electronically sign the call before it goes out as an email or fax to the counterparty.

The system efficiently keeps track of calls, their status and their contribution to the current CSA balances.

CRisk allows for multiple regional margin desks to work together or independently with their own calls, in different time zones.

The margin workflow drives you through the daily process, and enables you to send out calls through fax and email services with a button click. You define your own margin call layout through an MS Word template.

The system supports cash, letters of credit and other securities as margin, and in case of cash, it automatically accumulates interest.

Credit Workflow

The integrated workflow module proactively alerts the user on screen or through emails in case of an important credit event.

The system comes with 10 pre-defined workflow queues out of the box.

The pre-defined workflows include ‘Limits Exceeded’, ‘Limits Close to Exceed’, ‘New Limit Request’, ‘Violation of Trading Restriction’, ‘Security Expiring Within 30 Days’ etc.

A workflow or a specific step in a workflow can be assigned for the action of a specific user role, and the steps of each workflow are configurable, which makes the workflow module very flexible.